We Provide Professional, comprehensive Pro Audio Supply & Installation Service for corporate, educational, leisure and public facilities.

At Commercial Business Services, we still do things the way we would want it done for ourselves! In other words, take the time to do it right. This involves using the best materials, and taking the time to anticipate all future possibilities, from pre-wire, all the way through the install, to educating the operator. Why would you require Commercial Business Services to be your electronic systems contractor? Simple, we are experienced, knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. We work with you, or your contractor(s) to provide quality professionally installed affordable systems. All electronic systems that are designed and installed by us have been custom designed for the client’s needs and industry. Careful considerations are taken for the circumstances that will allow the user easy access and ease of operation. Since every situation is unique no two projects are alike. Commercial Business Services takes the time and effort to design and install systems that meet existing and probable future requirements and perform to the operator’s expectations.

We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake; we have found that team effort often produces the best results. If it came to a choice, Commercial Business Services would rather be best than biggest. Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.

Mrs. Jackie Cameron

[email protected]

Accounting Manager
Responsible for Examine statements to ensure accuracy, Compute taxes owed, prepare tax returns, and ensure prompt payment. Inspect account books and accounting systems to keep up to date. Organize and maintain financial records, Improve businesses efficiency where money is concerned… Read more.

  • Accounting 95%
  • Auditing Services 95%

Mr. Jerry Cameron

[email protected]

Vision Statement: Commercial Business Services
Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. To be a world leader in integration services and solutions that enable and transform the way businesses, manage, distribute and communicate information… Read more

  • integration services 85%
  • Custom Designs 75%
  • Consultations 90%

Mr. Tiernan McCann

[email protected]

Senior Digital Media Designer & programmer
Mr. McCann is responsible for and establishes the conceptual and stylistic execution for projects and Design. The SDMD works in conjunction with IT, Architects, Planers and Designers on all design solutions… Read more

  • Customer Satisfaction 80%
  • Design 90%
  • Innovation 88%

Mr. Rob Maharaj

[email protected]

Senior Applications Supervisor (& programmer)
Mr. Maharaj position is responsible for managing daily operations of a technical specialist group supporting operations. Develops and manages activities, programming with coordination of Installation teams supporting product manufacturing and reverse engineering.Read more.

  • Customer Satisfation 90%
  • Programming 98%
  • Design 80%

Mr. Mike Strever

[email protected]

Senior Service and Quality Control Manager (& programmer)
Mr. Strever our Senior Manager, Responsible for Quality Performance Management works closely with the technical, clinical, and compliance personnel to ensure accurate and timely execution and data to the proper authorities. Mr. Strever evaluates the implementation results and strategizes… read more 

  • Quality Performance Management 96%
  • improvement processes 90%
  • Optimization Strategies 90%

Mr. Troy  Delyzer

[email protected]

Project Installation Management
Mr. Delyzer Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of specific projects in a installation environment to ensure consistency with company strategy, commitment and goals. Mr. Delyzer … Read more

  • Customer Satisfaction 80%
  • implementation 95%
  • Project planning & Compliance 100%

Mr. John McIntosh (Scully)

[email protected]

Mr. McIntosh Our specialist in Audio Visual Rack Build Technician & Logistics. Integral part of our team dedicated to installation and service. In addition also handles all aspects of post-sale AV engineering needs pre build / construction as well as support for the implementations team duringRead more.

  • Customer Satisfation 100%
  • Installations 98%
  • Audio Visual Rack Build 85%

Mr. Ermens Meneguzzi

[email protected]

Senior Digital Media Quality Engineer (& programmer):
Mr.  Meneguzzi Designs, installs, and evaluates quality assurance process sampling systems, procedures, and statistical techniques; designs or specifies inspection and testing mechanisms and equipment; analyzes production and service read more 

  • Quality Performance Management 96%
  • improvement processes 90%
  • Optimization Strategies 90%

Mr. Frank Racioppo

[email protected]

Design & Fabrication
Mr. Racioppo directs and manages developmental programs supporting automation and advanced manufacturing initiatives for the fabrication of composite components, assemblies and structures. Responsible for managing the design process from conception through to final styling for assigned product Read more

  • Design 80%
  • Research & Analytics 95%
  • automation and advanced manufacturing 100%

Mr. Nick Shaw

Calibration Technician, (& programmer)
Mr. Shaw is Responsible for, testing, calibration, maintains, and repairs electrical, mechanical, electromechanical, analytical, and electronic measuring, recording, and indicating instruments and equipment for conformance to established standards. In addition to onsite assistance and …read more

  • Customer Satisfation 100%
  • Installations 98%
  • Audio Visual Rack Build 85%

Mr. J.P. Warren

[email protected]

Rigging and Installation
Mr. Warren responsible for performing installation and fabrication of rigging hardware, battens, curtain tracks, electrical plug boxes/strips and all related items. While much of the work involves individual initiative and judgment, working with team members is critical when … read more 

  • Rigging and Installation 99%
  • fabrication 90%

Ms. Chamaikha Johnson

[email protected]

Architectural Technologist
Our very own Architectural Technologist, also known as a Building Technologist, provides building design services and solutions and is trained in architectural technology, building design and construction. Architectural Technologists apply the science of architecture and typically concentrate Read more

  • Architecture 97%
  • building design and construction 95%

Mr. Kori Kameda

Field Technician / Installations
Mr. Kameda Performs basic quality techniques, possibly including calibration, to track, analyze, and report on equipment, processes, and products to ensure they meet the company’s quality standards. In addition …read more

  • Calibration 94%
  • Quality Control 98%

Mr. Robert Fleming

Installation Technician
Mr. Fleming performs basic quality techniques, possibly including calibration, to track, analyze, and report on equipment, processes, and products to ensure they meet the company’s quality standards. Install and configure our products at customers’ sites, – Develop, improve, maintain and test new and… read more 

  • quality standards 88%
  • Installations 90%

Mr. Craig Bingleman

Project Installation Management
Mr. Bingleman is responsible for the physical installation of wire, cable, hardware and equipment along with wire termination. Systems Integrator and/or Lead Systems Integrator, participates in the organizing, delivering, setting up, and at times the operation of electronics equipment…read more

  • Systems Integration 98%
  • Installation Management 95%

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Innovative Ideas

Advanced Technology

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Specialties Affiliates:

Arthur Skudra Sightsound Consulting
Specialties: Consultant and Designer of AV systems. Audio DSP programmer. Specialist in Audio and Acoustics Measurement. Instructor for Rational Acoustics Smaart software. Specialty in designing systems for Houses of Worship, as well as voice evacuation system design and commissioning for life safety systems. Speech intelligibility design, test & measurement.

ClearAlan Inc.
ClearAlan has, not only, thorough knowledge and understanding of the technical requirements of audio-visual systems, but also a unique understanding of human interface factors and their importance to the success of any technology implementation.

Russ’s portfolio is diverse, and ranges from large scale performing art centers to campus style audiovisual clients.

Loud & Clear Audio Visual
Software development for major control systems manufacturers.

Specilising in Crestron projects and the AMX dealer network for support of legacy projects. DMC-E for Crestron Digital Media systems as well as XTP-E for Extron systems.  Extron Control Professional designation for use of the Pro software for system deployment.

Also providing software support and deployment services for Clearone DSP systems. Available for software deployment as well as consulting on system design and software development.


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